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These are unprecedented times. For safety of all, and to do our part in keeping our community healthy, Dr. Kim-Banther's studio moved online! Through this medium, she can now  also connect with students all over the world. 

Through Zoom or other platform of your choice, lessons continue as if we are in one room together, as we will be once again in the future.

Contact for more info!

"Over the past 4 years, my 8th grade daughter has been a student of Dr. Kim-Banther. She has grown not only musically but personally under her guidance. She is encouraging and challenging and it’s a privilege to have her as a teacher! Her transition to online lessons has been seamless."

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"She is phenomenal in giving great advice to help improve with tone, technique, and overall taught me to appreciate more about the trombone and music. She is patient, encouraging, and without her help I wouldn't have been able to experience such amazing musical programs such as PVYO, MCYO, All County Honors Ensemble, and All State Honors Band!"

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